Holistic Health Mentor, Speaker and Best Selling Author Creator of 'Heal Without a Pill' Method

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We Help People Heal Without a Pill TM ( No/Reduced Pill approach) To Overcome Fatigue, Chronic Sickness, Pain or Weight Issues With Integrative Health Solutions. So They Can Achieve Optimum Health and Productivity.


The whole month I haven’t had any headaches 

I thought I was on my deathbed... I improved

Indigestion is way down... I just feel so much better

Reduced my blood pressure medication.

Books By Dr. Lina Thakar 

 Testimonials From Clients

“I was able to reverse my cardiac condition and avoid medication. As a result of Dr. Lina’s Ayurveda healing, I was able to reverse my cardiac imbalance and avoid lifelong medications.” – Dr. Mary Ann Zakutney M.D.

“I have lived the past 12 years in constant pain… digestion issues, I was not sleeping, I couldn’t eat. I had many medical tests and more and more heavy-duty drugs. In doing Dr. Lina’s protocol, I feel a shift… seeing Dr. Lin has truly made a difference.” – Ingrid Somers

“I was suffering from Lyme’s disease and they gave me antibiotics. You can’t take antibiotics for the rest of your life. With Dr. Lina’s program I improved my life drastically and reduced my many years of exhaustion and pain.” – Thom Shortt CEO, Meghan Foundation

 Testimonials From Empowered Audience

“I highly recommend Dr. Lina Thakar for your next speaking engagement. I had the opportunity to see her speak on several different stages and platforms. One of the most famous would be the success resources platform. She was a fascinating speaker. I was spellbound, 90 min flew by. She is engaging, educational and I learned so much from her that I can take away and apply immediately. As a speaker, she is very professional and articulate. She beings and ends on time. I highly recommend for your next speaking engagement that you take an advantage on the opportunity and have Dr.Lina Thakar for your event.” – Theresa Brick

“That was an amazing seminar. I never have seen a presentation like this. Dr. Lina’s presentation was the most thorough, caring and comprehensive presentation I ever have seen in my entire life. I can get started now and can improve my health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Lina for having this information accessible, nobody has done that before, nobody.” – Justin Donne

“I couldn't get my eyes off her when Dr. Lina was very engaging, charismatic and informative. Her speaking style was brave and refreshing. With her subject knowledge, she can definitely captivate her audience. She left me wanting more and I was thoroughly impressed. I can’t wait for her to speak again and I look forward to it.” – Nicola Forrest

Dr. Lina Thakar's Clients

Stacy M.

Allison V.

Neena P.

Dr. Mary D.

Robert S.

Amy M.

Maria F.

Pamlea D.

Kim J.

Rachael M. 

Robert D.

Janet G.

Erica M.

David D.

Proven Results

Dr. Lina Thakar is known as THE EXPERT HEALTH MENTOR, helping groups and individuals improve health with natural methods as an integrative healthcare NO PILL APPROACH!

With 26 years of experience in expert health mentoring and as a leading Ayurveda Doctor in US, Dr. Lina's programs and consulting have assisted thousands of people achieve balanced health with optimum productivity.  Expert healer to many medical doctors, Dr. Lina Thakar is called 'healer's healer'.

Dr. Lina is a featured expert on CBS & WQED Pittsburgh TV shows All Business Media Radio, Podcasts and in some of leading publications such as health newsletters of Hospitals, Edible Allegheny, Peaceburgh, Life on the Hills and many magazines where she  continue to share the healing principles from her best-selling books and top TV and Radio appearances.

Dr. Lina is committed to assist and heal beyond just human souls, she continues to donate monthly to animal and dog rescue organizations extending support to our furry friends as well.

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