Potentially Reverse Chronic Sickness, Fatigue and Pain

with my non-chemical, non-surgical proven INTEGRATIVE  healing program 

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​What People Say


Dr. Lina Thakar Drastically Improved My Life

Her simple Ayurveda healing helped reverse my chronic illness and reduced my many years of exhaustion and pain.

Thom & Maureen Shortt

I was able to reverse my cardiac condition and avoid medication.

As a result of Dr. Lina's Ayurveda Healing I was able to reverse my cardiac imbalance and avoid lifelong medications.

Dr. Mary Ann Zakutney M.D.

Dr. Lina Thakar's Clients

Stacy M.

Allison V.

Neena P.

Dr. Mary D.

Robert S.

Amy M.

Maria F.

Pamlea D.

Kim J.

Rachael M. 

Robert D.

Janet G.

Erica M.

David D.

The Results

The whole month I haven’t had any headaches

I thought I was on my deathbed... I improved

Indigestion is way down... I just feel so much better

Reduced my blood pressure medication.


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Proven Results

What makes Dr. Lina Thakar, an Ayurveda Doctor different over any other Ayurveda healer in the world are the successful results of her clients. Dr. Lina has touched over 10,000 lives in the world offering her proven holistic healing systems and programs to help them achieve balanced health. They have learned how to apply simple and easy natural healing tools, a non-chemicals, non-invasive process as “an integrative approach to health care."

Now you can learn the exact formula that has helped thousand prevent life-threatening health condition, reverse their imbalance and potentially live the longer life with those you love by simply applying ' LifExtenstion' program from Dr. Lina Thakar.

Welcome to Dr. Lina Thakar's official website. As an Ayurveda Doctor and most importantly an Integrative Wellness Expert, Dr. Lina Thakar has helped over ten thousand clients to achieve balanced health, she has dedicated the past 25 years helping her clients create NATURAL HEALTH, so they can live a quality life they deserve.. We invite you to explore this site to learn more about Dr. Thakar, her books, her Pittsburgh-based Super-Specialty Ayurveda Institute, keynote speeches at live events, educational academy, and the culmination of her life's work educating on allowing body health itself via her LifExtenstion In 3 Health System.

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