Wellness Opportunities

Dr Lina Thakar, an Ayurveda Doctor & the healer's healer, can help you allow body heal itself by 3 simple steps.

  • REACTIVATE self healing power within, 
  • REVERSE sickness, exhaustion and pain potentially,
  • RESTORE your Physical and emotional balance. Improve your health by applying natural integrative wellness strategies that are proven practices called Ayurveda Healing. 

With 24 years experience, she has touched more than 10,000 lives including many medical doctors assisting them to heal within with successful results.

There are 6 ways Dr. Lina Thakar can support you in your self healing journey.

One on One Consultation

Celebration 25 years of Ayurveda Integrative Wellness practice. Dr. Lina has worked with 10,000 plus clients that include business men & women, medical doctors, professionals & families like yours assisting them in their healing with proven results. 

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Empower Your Audience

Dr. Lina Thakar has been seen by millions of people live and featured on TV shows for ABC Pittsburgh & WQED, in "Edible Allegheny Magazine" & the "Western Pennsylvania Hospital News" "Life on The Hill Magazine"

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 Ayurveda Institute

Dr. Lina Thakar's Ayurveda Institute is an authentic Wellness Organization on East Coast USA. The organization has successfully established itself as SUPER-SPECIALTY program dedicated to focused integrative clinical wellness results. 

Visit Ayurveda Institute for 3-30 days Healing Program.  

Dr. Lina's Seminar

Dr. Lina Thakar offers informative 2 Day event teaching you how self-care is the primary personal wellness strategy to improve your overall health and quality of life.

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 Premium programs

Would you like to have Dr. Lina Thakar work directly with you to help you create your holistic HEALTH program with one year all inclusive support? Dr. Lina will personally create ALL inclusive Ayurveda protocols to design your health by choice.

Ayurveda 1 year PRIVATE program

 Ayurveda Online

Dr. Lina helps you to develop simple self healing practices  that are proven to restore balance naturally and potentially reverse chronic health conditions.

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The FIRST and ONLY, 63 days to up to 1 year (The Most Popular) Ayurveda Healing Program in the Country.

Customized & Monitored By Dr. Lina Thakar.