Dr. Lina Thakar, Ayurveda Doctor, Holistic Wellness Specialist, Speaker & Author

​Request Dr. Lina Thakar as a guest for your Speaking Event, Keynote or TV Show

Dr. Lina Thakar has changed thousands of people’s lives around the world through her proven step-by-step Healing Within natural process.

She introduces proven wellness practices to her audience and inspire them to develop integrative approach to health care. Sharing the truth and coming from authenticity, Dr. Lina Thakar is sure to keep you audience fully connected.

Your audience will learn how to initiate 'Healing Within' by 3 simple wellness strategies.

· Ask yourself the truthful status of your current health that you were avoiding accepting. You will receive the tool to address the first healing tool to achieve balance.

· Activate your HEALING WITHIN by simply allowing second tool to work through your physiology. It will help you open the new doors for positive energy and possibilities.

· Achieve RESULTS by simple step of embracing the natural process. The healing within helps you improve energy and feel happier.

Dr. Lina has the unique ability to inspire, motive and empower your audience for self-healing and success