Reasons to Invite Dr. Lina Thakar For Your Next Conference or Event
Speaker, Author, and a Leading Ayurveda Physician in the USA.

Heal Without a Pill™

You Need A Real Expertise and Return On Your Investment

Your investment in Dr. Lina Thakar’s speaking services is a smart choice for your association, corporation or conferences to optimize your group’s performance and enhance relationships. Her expertise empowers the audience to potentially heal chronic fatigue, pain, weight issues, chronic sickness, and a depressed mindset. You’ll see increased productivity within your group in only a matter of days after her talk. If you want immediately actionable, integrative (and holistic) health strategies, then you need Dr. Lina.

You Need Extreme Customization for Your Organization

Dr. Lina always customizes her presentations based on her client’s needs. Whether that client is a medical or any type of association, corporation, or Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Lina has given thousands of programs over two decades and never given the same program twice. She incorporates your specific goals, vision, and needs so her talk has an optimized impact for your audience.

You Need Substance, Not Just Motivation

Dr. Lina’s style is high energy, high in content, and completely action-oriented. She is not a “motivational speaker” — she is an “implementation speaker!” She understands that motivation alone will not heal fatigue or the chronic illness. You need real techniques and actionable steps without the theory or the fluff!

Dr. Lina Adds Value AND ALWAYS Over-Delivers

  • Dr. Lina will gladly record her talk for your business to use as a follow-up reinforcement tool that you can then distribute throughout the organization.
  • She will design and deliver an in-depth talk based around your desired goals so that
    the focus is on exactly what you and your members need to know and want to learn.
  • Dr. Lina provides a free set of handouts on a flash drive that you can reproduce for
    your participants—which will save you money. Most speakers charge $15 to $50 per
    person for supplemental materials.


Dr. Lina is happy to work with you after the program. Just give us a call if you want to “debrief.” She’ll recommend some steps you can take to make sure the program sticks and your objectives are achieved. This may include follow-ups by email or even free webinar support 30, 60, or 90 days after the live event. Dr. Lina does three things to reinforce your investment in your attendees once they’re back in the real world…

Dr. Lina gives your people 60 days of free 1-on-1 consulting. Every page of her handouts includes Dr. Lina’s office telephone number and email address. And she tells the audience at every program that they are welcome to contact her with any questions they might have on the material she has presented. Dr. Lina responds to their questions in a prompt and thorough fashion.

Dr. Lina makes her books and learning resources available to your members. When it comes to learning, nothing is more effective than spaced repetition. But you can rest assured Dr. Lina will not give any kind of “sales pitch.” She’ll simply make the materials available – or you can pre-purchase books for each participant.

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“I find Dr. Lina Thakar’s talks entertaining and informative. She has provided me with great information that is helping me live a healthier life. She is clear and concise in her speaking and even though she has an accent, she is easily understandable. I highly recommend Dr. Lina Thakar for your events or purposes.”

K. M. W.

“I was suffering from Lyme’s disease and they gave me antibiotics. You can’t take antibiotics for the rest of your life. With Dr. Lina’s program I improved my life drastically and reduced my many years of exhaustion and pain.”

Thom Shortt, CEO
Meghan Foundation

“I highly recommend Dr. Lina Thakar for your next speaking engagement. I had the opportunity to see her speak on several different stages and platforms. One of the most famous would be the success resources platform. She was a fascinating speaker. I was spellbound, 90 min flew by. She is engaging, educational and I learned so much from her that I can take away and apply immediately. As a speaker, she is very professional and articulate. She beings and ends on time. I highly recommend for your next speaking engagement that you take an advantage on the opportunity and have Dr.Lina Thakar for your event.”

Theresa Brick