The one thing you can count on when you have Dr. Lina Thakar in front of your audience is they will stay connected and captivated.

Dr. Lina Thakar is NOT just an inspirational speaker, but she is a PROBLEM SOLVER speaker, she is a nationally acclaimed Ayurveda integrative physician & speaker empowering the audience heal naturally

An international speaker known for her high-content, Dr. Lina Thakar is an expert with high energy and very interactive your entire audience.

With “do-it-now” tools and immediately actionable takeaways, your audience will be ecstatic with their newfound natural path to healing. She is the author of five books, one being an international bestseller, her upcoming book “Heal Without a Pill: 9 Instant Action Steps to Stop Energy Fluctuations, Yo-yo Weight Issues, and release depressed mindsets” is scheduled to be published by Jan 2021.

Having more than 25,000 clients in the past 27 years and presenting for over a thousand groups, her ‘Heal Without a Pill’ approach has truly saved lives for the better.


Ayurveda is a proven science of healing. It can help profoundly as an integrative wellness approach to protect, prevent and heal coronavirus infection.

These ACTION STEPS are simple, non-expensive and can be applied immediately for protecting from Coronavirus and improve respiratory health and immunity.




Dr. Lina’s most requested topics include…

The HEAL Without A Pill! Design Your Holistic Health

Dr. Lina Thakar ~ Holistic Health Mentor ~ Heal Without a PillDr. Lina Thakar speaks to big or small groups, whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO, association or have an organization – large or small – she offers following seminars and programs to achieve the fullest potential be it work or personal life by assisting in designing holistic health.

  • Prevent energy fluctuations
  • Stop weight issues
  • Release depressed mindsets
  • Improve your productivity
  • Improve both personal and work relationships

Drugs, Chemicals, and Pills are not the only choices to heal your body. Those often only mask the problems. Chronic health issues can affect your personal, even work relationships, and significantly affect productivity as well.  With 27 years of expertise in healing body, mind, and soul, Dr. Lina shows you how to heal yourself without drugs, pills and chemicals. With her ‘Heal Without a Pill’ method, Dr. Lina teaches a more natural integrated approach to healthcare that people can use in their daily lives.

Holistic Health Made Easy:

Dr. Lina Thakar ~ Holistic Health Mentor ~ Heal Without a PillAfter your organization has learned Dr. Lina’s methods you will see an increase in productivity, a reduction in sick days, and improved relationships. She reports that companies who use her actionable steps for their teams see a significant boost in their financial goals by 10 to 30 percent.

  • 7 key actionable steps to design holistic health
  • Reverse Chronic Sickness, Weight issues and Energy Fluctuations to achieve optimum productivity
  • Release a depressed mindset and develop enthusiasm as a team player in your work environment or building a better relationship

THRIVE WITH AYURVEDA: Proven 3 Easy Steps Holistic Health Formula To Restore Well-being.

Dr. Lina Thakar ~ Holistic Health Mentor ~ Heal Without a PillDr. Lina Thakar’s proven three-step expert-designed natural healthcare process is easy to follow and is effective because it has actionable steps that your groups can immediately apply to improve health. After your audience has learned Dr. Lina’s methods, they can restore physical, mental and spiritual well-being so you enjoy a life of abundance with your loved ones.

The audience will leave with immediate implementation steps to:

  • Allow body heal itself non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive way
  • Insider secrets to extended health, Reverse/Reduce chronic sickness, fatigue, and pain potential.
  • Natural self-healing tools to reverse the aging process and achieve longevity.

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“As a result of Dr. Lina’s Ayurveda healing, I was able to reverse my cardiac imbalance and avoid lifelong medications.”

Dr. Mary Ann Zakutney M.D.

“I have lived the past 12 years in constant pain… digestion issues, I was not sleeping, I couldn’t eat. I had many medical tests and more and more heavy-duty drugs. In doing Dr. Lina’s protocol, I feel a shift… seeing Dr. Lina has truly made a difference.”

Ingrid Somers

“Dr. Lina Thakar inspires me with her communiques, often moving me to take action now, that otherwise, I would have postponed. Her words are on-point, concise, heartfelt, free of distracting references, and indicative of her depth of understanding of her topic. No wonder she has advanced to higher levels of achievement in her practice, and evolved her loyal group of followers who live vicariously from her tremendous success.”

S. L.