Online Mentoring Program with Dr. Lina


Restore your Physical & Emotional Balance with Natural Healing!

Includes Private Consultation & Personal Wellness Report

12 Week, Easy Weekly Implementations Steps(Plus Bonus 2 weeks)
  • Private Membership Access - Weekly Modules plus bonus training, recipes and more.
  • Private Facebook Group Page - Post updates and receive community support from like minded group and also meet accountability partner.

Create Wellness From Home: 12 weeks (Plus 2 Bonus weeks)

Discover How to Design your Wellness and Achieve Balance by Simply Following Healing Within Integrative Wellness Approach.

Finally learn a Non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive strategies that are proven to initiate healing within and potentially reverse chronic imbalances.

You will receive the fastest and most effective training improve your health and design natural wellness by your own choice than facing life by default.

This strategy has helped thousands to achieve results for their chronic health imbalances.!

Through Dr. Lina Thakar's direction, training, and support, many people have been able to release chronic imbalance, exhaustion and pain. Now, it’s your turn.

Dr. Lina Thakar

Ayurveda Doctor Wellness Mentor, Speaker & Author

The Complete Healing Within Online Mentoring Program with Dr. Lina

Dr. Lina Thakar has changed thousands of people’s lives around the world through her proven step-by-step Healing Within natural process.

$2449 $1497 

One-Time Payment

In the 12 Week Program You Will Discover How To:

· Ask yourself the truthful status of your current health that you were avoiding accepting. You will receive the tool to address the first healing tool to achieve balance.

· Activate your HEALING WITHIN by simply allowing second tool to work through your physiology. It will help you open the new doors for positive energy and possibilities.

· Achieve RESULTS by simple step of embracing the natural process. The healing within helps you improve energy and feel happier.

What Clients Say

Who Should Enroll

- Those who are looking for natural solutions to maintain health.

- People who prefer nonpharmaceutical and non-invasive way to manage health and prevent potential imbalances.

- Those stuck and confused due to conventional path of health care which may not be addressing root cause of the imbalance but merely managing symptoms.

- People exhausted due to multiple doctors’ visits, multiple medications and they are not able to find solution to address health holistically.

- Those who believe in holistic wellness than system based management.

- People who wish to work with clinical wellness results than just relaxation or stress managements approach.

- People who are ready to take responsibility of their own health.

- Anyone who considers or knows Ayurveda Healing is one of the most wholesome way to manage health.

$2449 $1497 

One-Time Payment