Dr. Lina Thakar ~ Holistic Health MentorWe are glad you are exploring the Ayurveda Integrative Healing program with Dr. Lina Thakar.

The first step is to schedule a consultation. Once we know your health concerns and goals we can suggest a specific program that may fit you. You are welcome to explore our programs. Remember your consultation fees are waived when you apply to any of our programs. You can choose the program that fits your needs and also can start at level 1 and upgrade to the next level at any time. After your program is ended you may transition to a maintenance program to continue with the benefits of the healing.

Please know our programs are NOT Ayurveda 101 or spa/beauty/massage/retreats, they are designed as an intense integrative clinical healing based on nearly 28 years of expertise and experience as an Ayurveda physician process.  We offer 100% home-based Ayurveda healing that includes 5, 7, 10, 21, 63, and 108 days Panchakarma cleanse, Ayurvedic nutritional principles, herb recommendations, and additionally a ton of resources on various recipes, video training, accountability calls and support.

Our program is a complete process, it is made easy with keeping flexibility required with a busy life and also practices recommended can be done as 15-30 min/ 2-3 times a week. Also, break up to 2-3 days are allowed and if you need a week or longer time break, you can inform accordingly so the program is developed considering a longer break.

Each program is different and developed on your dosha balance/imbalance.

If you wish to take this journey of integrative healthcare, the first step is to schedule your consultation.

You can understand now that our program is unique and well thought out for assured RESULTS hence it is a serious commitment and requires financial investment for the entire process. After all, HEALTH IS WEALTH!

We look forward to assisting you in your healing journey.


Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Institute USA


Schedule your consultation –

Email – [email protected]

Ayurveda Consultation – (By phone/zoom ONLINE)

Initial Consultation Price: $150

*When you apply for a consultation we try our best to schedule it within a week. It may take longer as per Dr. Lina Thakar’s busy schedule between serving current clients, workshops, and seminars and teaching our online college students.

Important – Your consultation fees are absorbed in the program.

Consultation includes Dosha assessment, an individual’s unique body-mind constitution (“Prakriti”), and the current imbalances (“vikruthi”).

You will be presented a detailed report on your dosha, imbalance and program fit for your customized healing journey.

According to the assessment you will be recommended a program that may fit you which will include Ayurvedic nutrition, PANCHAKARMA CLEANSE (pre, active and post-cleanse phase), Herb recommendations and next steps to maintenance.

Follow-up consultations are included as per the program you apply.


Schedule your consultation –

Call 727 – 444 – 0269 or 

Email – [email protected]