Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Counselor

(Level 1)

 Professional Certification course 2018 - ONLINE, 6 MONTHS

The Leading Ayurveda Academy on East Coast of USA

Ayurveda Integrative Wellness Counselor (6 months/online)

Study Ayurveda with Dr. Lina Thakar.

Embrace self healing for your family or yourself or create a supportive career!

  • 3 Classes (recorded)/month 
  • 2 hours With Dr. Lina Thakar each month - LIVE. 1:1 coaching and Q and A
  • Documents, assignments and download pdfs
  • Self paced and on your own plus Dr. Lina's Personal guidance.


  • Course Investment - $6000 
  • $150 non-refundable administration fee/each student
  • $100 for academic books

Course  Details

  • The course is offered by an Ayurvedic Physician, teacher and a mentor.
  • The course is available from PRIVATE membership site. Also includes bonus training, recipes, assignments and more
  • The online course includes recorded classes , each class recordings will be available for studying offline.
  • Live 1:1 Personal Coaching, Q & A each month with Dr. Lina Thakar (2 hours)
  • This is a professional course from a successful working Ayurveda Clinic in USA.
  • Private student only log-in on the website to access all classes and bonus training all times.
  • Ayurveda Doctor course, AD, opens 2019, hence the opportunity to add another year to move to the next level after the counselor course.

Learn with a clinician, teacher & mentor Dr. Lina Thakar

Class Details: Total 600 hours 

A Professional Course

  • 1 classroom hour needs an additional 4 hours of supporting study at home with homework and assignments.
  • Recordings will be available for offline studies.
  • 3 CLASSES/6 months = 450 hours *Class recordings to study on your own shcedule.
  • Live Q and A with Dr. Lina Thakar each month (2 hours)
  • Clinical internship/ 25 REAL case studies 
  • Attend LIVE consultations online.
  • On-site Internship - 150 hours (Optional) * Applies additional investment
  • Each student gets private access to membership site where recordings of each class, assignments, exercises and bonus training, real case studies will be posted for more vigorous integrative clinical understanding on Dr. Lina's method of running a successful result oriented holistic Ayurveda practice.
  • All past, current students will have class recordings available all times to study each class several times that is recommended by Dr. Lina.
  • Continued mentorship from Dr. Lina Thakar so you never feel blocked to support yourself or your clients.
  • (* Q AND A session is subject to change on Dr. Lina's travel or clinic commitments.)


  • Course INVESTMENT - $6000 
  • $150 non-refundable administration fee/each student
  • $100 for academic books
  • *$1500 for on-site Internship (optional)

Payment options

1. Full payment at the time of reservation. (*1% discount on tuition fee if paid in full)

2. Pay in installments:First down payment – $4000, followed by $1000.00 payments for 2 months (5th of each month)


1. Complete Online Form and pay administration fee $150 (non-refundable) OR CALL OFFICE 412 809 0999

2. Schedule your interview with Dr. Lina if accepted.

3. Pay full fees (1% discount) or the first installment $4000.

4. Confirmation and receive books.

Please call (412) 809-0999 for details or to apply. To enroll by calling office: Administration 9.30 am - 3.30 pm 

Students enjoy one-on-one time with Dr. Lina and flexibility of the course, one may complete earlier in up to 6 months or can be self-paced.

                   APPLY TO: Support@DrLinaThakar.com

  • Includes mentorship by Dr. Lina Thakar who emphasizes integrative clinical practice and applications throughout the course.
  • Vigorous and intense Ayurveda for MEASURABLE RESULTS for your clients.
  • Deeper knowledge and study REAL clients who saw success.
  • Herbal compounding specific to dosha and imbalance, hands-on training and recipes on Ayurvedic cooking.
  • Study from original authentic Sanskrit granthas, texts from Charaka and Vagbhata, plus plenty of reference studies..
  • Bonus - 10% discount on all Ayurveda services, in-house products, spring and summer intense workshops and internship opportunities exclusively for our students.

Ayurvedic Integrative Wellness Counselor Program (Level1)

What Graduates Say

Why more students are seeking out  Dr. Lina Thakar’s training ?

Because Dr. Lina’s training offer complete integrative clinical understanding and students learn from real clients with real life situations, also because Dr. Lina’s healing program transforms lives for her clients and her students get to see results from clients.

Dr. Lina Thakar’s students say that they prefer not to go for 'Standard Notes type' 'boxed type' or 'tucked away Ayurveda' training, many have left other schools and joined Dr. Lina's program, Her students chose to go through Dr. Lina's unconventional training and feel blessed to be learning from an experienced teacher and mentor. Dr. Lina's teachings are from the original sanskrit texts, clinical chants and also from her 24 plus years background in clinical wellness practice.

Dr. Lina Thakar’s students have reported a huge success in their career plan as a direct result of her result oriented training.

I've been very excited to see my Ayurveda practice grow. I have been seeing a lot more clients and the advice you gave me has been spot on. I feel very blessed to have you as a mentor.      - M. M. Student of Dr. Lina's Ayurveda Academy of Integrative Wellness