About Dr. Lina Thakar

Dr. Lina is an Internationally recognized integrative wellness expert, professional speaker and author. She is an Ayurvedic (doctor) traditionally called as VAIDYA. Ayurveda is not a licensed medical program in United States, it is an integrative wellness care program many times referred as holistic / complementary health care. Dr. Lina mentors clients from around the globe that include natural wellness regime for improved quality of life. She also is Principal & Instructor of Ayurveda Academy of Integrative Wellness. She is a leading authority on how to improve quality of life with natural holistic tools.

Since graduating from the Tilak Ayurved College, University of Pune in 1992 she has been offering natural, organic, integrative wellness healing solutions to improve quality of life. Dr. Lina is unique in bringing the advance science of Ayurveda wellness to combine with conventional medicine to promote total well-being. She promotes optimal physical and mental health not only as her profession — but as her passion and purpose in life.

Dr. Lina’s philosophy is that Natural Wellness is more powerful that embrace total and deeper level cellular health to initiate significant self-healing. She believes wellness and healing come on it’s own pace but is permanent. She is exceptional in teaching individuals, businesses and organizations the advanced science of Integrative wellness and empowering people to live longer, stronger, healthier and happier. She assists on preventing and reducing medication with your physician’s help by promoting personalized wellness solutions. Her work has taken her across entire North America to Canada and India.

Unlike many who get introduced to Ayurveda by experiencing the health benefits and life transformation experience, Dr. Lina Thakar was born and raised into Ayurveda wellness tradition. Both her grandparents and parents encouraged her to use the natural tools of diet and lifestyle practices and she saw first hand how it helped them live a longer and more fulfilled life. Therefore, it was an obvious choice for her to chose a Ayurvedic Natural Wellness Medicine degree and set out to be a world-class expert on the teachings.

Her degree in BAMS which is an intensive 5-year training in Ayurvedic medicine, is part of world-renowned PUNE University where the complete world of science of Ayurveda, Panchakarma opened for her. Since conventional medicine education is involved in BAMS program, the focus was always combining Ayurvedic natural medicine mainly to combine and support to conventional medicine to offer total health care as a licensed Ayurvedic doctor.

She has treated thousands in her private practice healing and establishing a connect between body, mind and consciousness with successful results. She was one of the few holistic doctors who have team up very well with western doctors.

She opened one of the first Ayurvedic Integrative Wellness facilities based out of Pittsburgh, PA with the best natural, organic integrative wellness program in the country offering full a holistic healing experience.