About Dr. Lina Thakar

Meet the Undisputed Authority in  Mentoring Groups and Individuals To Improve Health Drastically With The Unique HEAL WITHOUT A PILL Method ™

Dr. Lina Thakar is known as THE EXPERT HEALTH MENTOR, helping groups and individuals improve health with natural methods as an integrative healthcare NO PILL APPROACH!

With 26 years of experience in expert health mentoring and as a leading Ayurveda Doctor in US, Dr. Lina's programs and consulting have assisted thousands of people achieve balanced health with optimum productivity.  Expert healer to many medical doctors, Dr. Lina Thakar is called healer's healer.

Dr. Lina is a featured expert on CBS & WQED Pittsburgh TV shows All Business Media Radio, Podcasts and in some of leading publications such as health newsletters of Hospitals, Edible Allegheny, Peaceburgh, Life on the Hills and many magazines where she  continue to share the healing principles from her best-selling books and top TV and Radio appearances.

Dr. Lina is committed to assist and heal beyond just human souls and continues to donate monthly to animal and dog rescue organizations to extend support to our furry friends as well.

 Dr. Lina Thakar: Speaker and Author

An international speaker known for her high-content, Dr. Lina Thakar is an expert with high energy and very interactive your entire audience. With “do-it-now” tools and immediately actionable takeaways your audience will be ecstatic with their newfound natural path to healing. She is the author of five books including her upcoming book “Heal Without a Pill: 9 Instant Action Steps to Stop Energy Fluctuations, Yo-yo Weight Issues, and release depressed mindsets”. Having over 15,000 clients in the past 26 years and presenting for over a thousand groups, her ‘Heal Without a Pill’ approach has truly saved lives for the better.

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